At Personal Pools, we believe that at the heart of an attractive pool, is an excellent design. We incorporate 2D plans and 3D design technology that will assist in the visualization of your pool dream.

Stage 1 The Design

We want to design a fabulous pool that you can be proud of for years to come.  We will solely focus on the development of your dream, to make it a reality.  With the assistance of 2D and 3D generated design plans, we will present your plan, so you can clearly visualise the project. We welcome you to communicate any feedback to refine the design, so your pool is completely resolved before construction.

Stage 2  Detailed Construction Plan

We produce a highly accurate, detailed construction plan of your pool. Just like building a house, we get into the nitty-gritty details to make it work. We take care of all the technical details and permits you need and endeavour to resolve any issues that may occur.

Stage 3 Construction

We have a great full-time team of staff and contractors, so you can rest assured that your pool will be built on quality workmanship and locally supported equipment and materials. We oversee your build from start to finish.

Equipment Supplier Information

Tiling of interiors is completed with Mapei/ Latticret quality adhesives and grouts

Hayward quality energy efficient pumps.

Hayward high rate sand filters.

Zeolite media for ultrafine filtration.

Hayward digital salt chlorinator sand units to produce chlorine with minimum fuss and total safety. Hayward digital chorine and ph control of all water will ensure that you and your family swim in a quality balance pool every time.

Spa Electric Multi colour LED lights that are energy efficient and easy to use and will highlight your new oasis.

Austral heating produce there own solar heating collector rubber for roofs and also make their own digital control unity to get maximum heat in your new pool

Hayward power flue gas heating with full digital control which will give you the quickest way to get heat fast and efficient.

Hayward Inverter pumps to maintain a constant temperature all year round. 

Hayward tiger shark robotic cleaner which is cost effective and efficient.

Quick clean Extreme in-floor cleaning and circulation system for the cleanest and most efficient system in the industry.

Hayward Omni Logic Automation which means you can control every function of your pool from your phone/tablet/computer from anywhere in the world.

Automatic valve control of pool/spa/heating/lights/waterfall/bubbles